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The Matrix Mindset


This is a short input on the matrix mindset - a preamble to tackling the bigger issues of leading in a matrix environment and working in one Read More >>
Essential HR Capability: compartmentalisation


I have always believed that to be a really excellent HR professional you have to be able to do lots of things – understand organisations, understand people, multi-task…the list is long. For me one of the distinguishing capabilities is what I Read More >>
Middle Management - ineffective


The Hay Group have released a report which includes feedback by executives on the effectiveness of middle management. All in all a somewhat depressing read - but one wonders if it signals simply one of the many disconnects in organisations today... Read More >>
Are entrepreneurs born or made?


Do you subscribe to the theory that certain people are born with the personality traits that make a good entrepreneur? Or do you favour the idea that Entrepreneur emerge out of a combination of entrepreneurial opportunities and people who are well positio Read More >>
Business Partnerships - a perpetual problem?


This article explores the 'perpetual problem' with partnerships. Running a business as a partnership can bring considerable strengths but at the same time it requires thought and attention to get it right.
Perception and Reality


I was interested to spot a comment highlighting the difference between perception and reality. Interesting in itself but also illustrative of the challenge we have within companies and as leaders in creating a consistently positive image, with stories an Read More >>
People and Risk - Bird Flu


Given the current news coverage of Bird Flu I thought it would be interesting to kick off a series of musings on people and risk. My main proposition is that good planning and thinking about potential risks can and should impact on 'everyday' business an Read More >>
Interesting observation on people today


Stumbling across an interesting article in a US college newspaper caused me to reflect on the discomfort of people with the unusual and the loss of opportunity that this can result in
Paradigms and Transformed Views


One of the things that has always fascinated me in corporate life is just how empowering giving someone permission to act can be. It is a strange phenomenon that people impose constraints upon themselves that they ascribe to others or the environment or Read More >>


I was looking out the window this morning trying to think up a sensible topic for my next blog. I have set myself a goal of three a week . This seemed to achieve a balance between my preference for longish articles, the pressures of work, and the need to Read More >>
Reflections on the last month


I have had this nagging awareness that my commitment to three posts a week was sadly flagging but it was not until I posted the last blog that I realised just how much time had passed. I am therefore kick starting my return to disciplined application o Read More >>
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