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People and Risk - global terrorism


In the second of the series on people and risk I have explored some ideas around loss of talent in additiion to sensible contingency planning. The focus continues to be applying the learning and thinking from contingency planning to everyday business. Read More >>
Essential HR Capability: compartmentalisation


I have always believed that to be a really excellent HR professional you have to be able to do lots of things – understand organisations, understand people, multi-task…the list is long. For me one of the distinguishing capabilities is what I Read More >>
People and Risk - Retention


This third commentary on people and risk focuses on retention.

The loss of talent is one of the main risks an organisation can face. Effective retention strategies need not cost additional money - indeed they can save money since they allow Read More >>
Dual Career Structures - creating a community


This is the third of the trio of commentaries on the Dual Career Structure and aims to provide some ideas on building a community and thus releasing energy for the benefit of both the individual and the organisation. Retaining your most expert people is Read More >>
People and Risk - Bird Flu


Given the current news coverage of Bird Flu I thought it would be interesting to kick off a series of musings on people and risk. My main proposition is that good planning and thinking about potential risks can and should impact on 'everyday' business an Read More >>
Paid Sick Leave


This blog considers the options and pitfalls around paid sickness absence. Is this the natural extension of a civilised world, or an obstacle track with winners and losers?
Recruiting Students and Graduates


Another area that I am often asked about is student and graduate recruitment. In this market the main challenges are finding, identifying and attracting the best talent. Read More >>
Effective Recruitment of HR


Hiring an HR professional for your organisation or team can be quite a challenge. If you are in HR and hiring a team member you have the pressure that your selection will be judged by others as a measure of your professional capability. If you are in the Read More >>
Recruiting as a small company


I am often asked about how small companies can recruit effectively and find talent. Whilst the specific quest will be different they all share at least one challenge – namely how to find really good people at a cost they can afford. This article ex Read More >>
The Hawthorne Effect


I made a reference to the Hawthorne effect in a recent article I wrote and promised to cover the subject in more detail. I read about the Hawthorne experiment some time ago but it has always struck me as particularly pertinent. It essentially is a demonst Read More >>
Recruiter Prejudice


Writing a series of blogs on interview questions has made me start to think about the validity of 'liking someone' as a selection decision. And the concern that we use our own personal filters when judging suitability. How happy are we to hir... Read More >>
Training Course Attendance


This article shares some suggestions on how to raise the profile of training and increase your attendance level to 95-99%. It even suggests ways to increase your training budget...
Recruitment Effectiveness


Recruitment Effectiveness is a topic of considerable interest to me - both as an HR professional and as a consultant. I therefore thought this extract was worth sharing. Read More >>
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